My web designer left, now what?

Nobody likes getting ghosted, especially by people you are paying.

So your web designer has left. Didn’t like your industry? Had too much to work on? Whatever their reason, all hope is not lost. Here at Manage My Websites we are used to picking up the slack from web designers and agencies who have left you in a position no one wants to be in.

Modern websites are often designed using web design packages such as Squarespace which provide a user interface for simpler website creation. However, any bespoke actions your website performs must be programmed using modern languages such as HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Sorry have we lost you?

Well basically a website at its barebones is all made up of programming languages. Just like the languages we speak, they must be learnt. We know code like the back of our hands, we can peruse the code left by your previous developer and give it a full audit. With our professional insight and experience we can get rid of bugs (mistakes in the code which cause websites to break) and make your website safe from hacker attacks. We can also find ways to improve your website that will make it run faster and provide a better experience for your customers. We also guarantee to always run everything by you before making changes.

We get that your faith in web wizards may have been tested by your previous developer. Or your years of experience with web guys. We’re not all bad though. Once we have optimized your website our work doesn’t end, in fact it’s just beginning. Your website is monitored by us for as long as you want, we keep an eye on your pages to make sure they are always working as they should. We literally have an employee check every page of every website every single day. A broken website is like a closed shop, business simply cannot operate. We understand this better than anybody and will keep your website live and working correctly at all times. We also provide unlimited updates to your online content with a dedicated project manager that will quickly gain a deep understanding of your business’ needs.

We often find that the websites we take over from gallivanting web designers are worryingly vulnerable to online attacks. It is imperative that your website is protected from such attacks to not only protect your information but your clients’ as well. Your website will have an encrypted connection built in, we also offer two-factor authentication to stop admin accounts from being hacked. Remember the constant monitoring we mentioned previously? This also includes a real-time virus scan of your website, plus we track all code changes so we can stop a threat early should one arise. Concentrate on running your business while we worry about security.

Your website will be hosted on dedicated uber-fast servers and your content will be live on a content delivery network. In the extremely unlikely event (about the same chance as 2020 being crowned “best year”) of your website being successfully hacked or of a server crash we have real time backups with one year saved. We can restore to any day you want, anytime you want. Yes, every 12 hours your website will be backed up on an encrypted and secure cloud server. This means that if the worst ever did happen, your website would be up and running within hours and we would all have complete recollection of recent orders, client details and so on.

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that anything that can happen, will happen. It’s been a good time for us all to take stock and plan for our futures. The pandemic has affected all online businesses, some negatively and some positively. If you have been suddenly left without a web designer or you simply need the extra help, reach out to us for a worry-free 2021. Let’s push your website forward with a modern interface that can handle anything the new year throws at it.